A History of Maine Railroads

About the Author

Bill Kenny, a former career Air Force officer and Gulf War Veteran, developed a life-long interest in trains from a very young age. From his first train ride at age 11 to his intensive planning and coordination of the movements by rail and ship of military equipment from the United States and Europe for Desert Shield/Desert Storm to the overseeing of railroad operations at Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska and Loring Air Force Base in northern Maine to being involved in a global logistics career that planned and coordinated the movement of large equipment around the world by rail and shipping for major industrial companies, his many railroad experiences have provided a life-long interest, education and love of railroads and their history.

As an adjunct professor in Public and International Affairs, International Economics, and Organizational Leadership, his experiences obtained from a career involving global economics and shipping by rail enable him to help his many students understand the importance of worldwide economies in today's world through the use of railroads.

The history of Maine railroads is a prime example of how railroads impact economies and this author, born in Maine and now living near Maine's largest railroad yard, has experienced this first-hand. His realization that Maine's history of railroads needs to be recorded, preserved, and appreciated prompted the writing of this, his first book now being published by Arcadia.


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