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Permanent Train Station

Steam Engine #4 Restoration

Pondicherry Restoration

Maine Narrow Gauge is a local non-profit dedicated to preserving and operating two-foot narrow gauge railroad equipment for the enjoyment and education of the public. Although our primary source of funding comes from ticket revenue, individual and organizational donations are crucial for our railroad's success.

There are many projects underway that will help secure Maine Narrow Gauge's future, and your support will ensure that we can stay on-schedule for construction and operational needs. 

Our current train station and gift shop are housed temporarily in a building near Portland's Ocean Gateway Terminal until the new permanent train station is built nearby. When constructed, the new train station will be an attractive draw for Portland's visitors and will become an iconic focal point of the railroad. 

We have exciting restoration projects in the works that will bring surviving pieces turn-of-the-century railroading into modern safety standards.

Among them, Monson Railroad #4, one of our iconic steam engines, needs funding to complete its mandated boiler work. 

The "Pondicherry," an exquisite 1882-buit passenger coach, will soon undergo a top-to-bottom refurbishment. to restore its 19th-century splendor while providing 21st-century passenger comfort.

Aside from physical infrastructure improvements, general financial donations are needed to help in all capacities of the railroad. Your donation supports everything from making sure the components of our 1900s-era wooden train cars stay in good running order to crafting regional and national public awareness campaigns for this very special piece of Maine history.

Your financial support funds is an important part of funding our future.

Please consider making a contribution today to support our mission and help keep Maine's narrow gauge history alive! You can designate your gift for any of the following:

- As needed
- The Portland Station and Facilities
- Steam Locomotive Restoration
- Pondicherry Restoration
- Historic Preservation