Mission, Vision, & Values


The Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Co. & Museum preserves and operates historic two-foot gauge railroad equipment for the education and enjoyment of the public.


The vision of Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Co. & Museum is to develop an attractive, enjoyable, and sustainable railroad through the preservation and operation of historic Maine equipment, providing a top-notch educational, historical, and accessible experience for guests of all ages with an unceasing commitment to safety, patron care, and innovative programming.

Our Values

INTEGRITY – Maine Narrow Gauge is committed to integrity, which means doing the right thing at all times. We will always take the safest course of action, be responsible with our stakeholders’ resources, and preserve Maine narrow gauge history to the best of our ability.

COMMUNICATION – We prioritize transparent, consistent, and clear communications. We strive to connect with every visitor, volunteer, donor, employee, and stakeholder on an individual level.

COMMUNITY – We recognize that our history, collection, and offerings are best shared with others. We will strive to involve members of our local community and those with similar interests. It is essential that programming is affordable and accessible to all in order to share education, information, and enjoyment to the best of our abilities.

RESILIENCE – Maine Narrow Gauge demonstrates resilience in all aspects of the workplace. We are prepared as a community to withstand and recover from disruptions. We offer creative, thoughtful solutions and continue to move forward in support of our mission.

CONSISTENCY – Maine Narrow Gauge is committed to demonstrating consistency through programming, communication, and our involvement with the community. We strive to be dependable and steadfast in our efforts to preserve history and deliver the mission of the organization.