The railroad has many active volunteers who assist in a variety of areas! Volunteers operate the trains, share Maine's unique railroad history with visitors, restore historic railroad cars and locomotives, and help with special events. We are currently looking for volunteers in the following areas:

Train Crew

The train ride is a crucial part of the visitor experience. Trains are operated, in part, by volunteers. No prior experience is necessary! We provide training to become a trainman, conductor, or engineer.


Restoration volunteers repair and rebuild historic railroad cars in the railroad's collection. Work includes carpentry, upholstery, painting, and metal work. Whether you are a master carpenter or handyman, we can use your skills!

Mechanical & Track Work

Mechanical volunteers help restore and operate historic locomotives and maintain the track. If you have an aptitude and passion for carpentry, welding, electrical, or mechanical work, this is the department for you!


Archives volunteers help organize collection items and artifacts. A variety of jobs are available, from cataloging historic documents and photos, to assisting with artifacts and items for display.

Special Events

Event volunteers help with a variety of tasks including taking tickets, event set-up, assisting with children's activities and more! Opportunities for special event volunteers are available year-round.

Museum Guides/Docents

Docents ride aboard the train and share Maine's unique railroad history with school children, tour groups and visitors from around the globe. We provide training on historical information to share with the public.